Meet Deborah Crandall


Deborah Crandall, LICSW

She/Her Pronouns

I provide therapy not only because I am passionate about personal growth and connection, but because I believe therapy works.  I am inspired by the vulnerability and strength that goes into the healing process. I sincerely believe you have within you what it takes to heal and that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Through therapy, I hope you feel renewed, motivated, confident, and safe enough in your thoughts and body to fully engage in life. I have had the honor to support those who are seeking out therapy for relief from their trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, and/or anger. For the past few years I have expanded my scope to focus on sex therapy, Gottman relationship tools, and Emotion Focused Therapy.

My counseling practice provides the opportunity to see clients face to face via video chat through a HIPAA compliant platform on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays from 9am – 3pm. I appreciate how virtual therapy gives both myself and my clients the opportunity to stay connected while maintaining an active lifestyle and a space for those who are most comfortable in their own personal setting.

I strongly believe the therapeutic relationship is the most important factor in facilitating change. I work from a humanistic and holistic framework and am committed to creating a space that is safe, trusting and non-judgmental. My hope is that we can work collaboratively, aiming to see the “full you” and hold deep and genuine respect for your self-knowledge and experiences. All parts of you are welcome. You are worth it, and I’d be honored to join you in your self discovery journey.

Some background info…

I am a prior service active duty Chaplain Assistant and wife of a soldier. I have a particular interest in helping those experiencing loss, separation, and traumatic transitions. I have deep respect for clients’ spiritual paths as it is often fundamental to the process of growth and healing. My counseling approach focuses on increasing individual self-awareness as I draw from interventions which primarily have roots from CBT, Life Skills Training, and DBT. I am passionate about partnering with the clients’ in identifying the most effective ways to succeed in their current stage of life and providing tools to cope with difficult circumstances that may arise along the way.

License No. and State: 60561807 Washington

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